Jesus Loves You

Jesus Loves You
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Survey Questions to Ask your Neighbours

How about asking your neighbours these Survey Questions.
I'm conducting a survey for the Forest Lake Baptist Church that meets at the Forest Lake State School Performance Arts Centre each Friday Night Youth and Sunday Worship and Bible teaching.

I'd like your opinion on four multiple choice questions if you have a couple of minutes please?

It seems Jesus Christ is used as the, name above all other names, people around the world choose to swear by: What's your opinion on these few questions about Who is Jesus - Really? (Circle choice)

What do Australians think Jesus Christ is best known for?
a) Jesus was a good man who lived and cared for poor people and was a trustworthy person.
b) Jesus Christ was a good actor but a bit of a lunatic and I don't trust him.

What do people in your street think of the claims of Jesus Christ?
a) People in my street accept Jesus has a place in our lives because he forgives sins and has authority.
b) People in my street reject Jesus because they consider him a liar who deceives his followers.

Who do you personally consider Jesus Christ to be?
a) Jesus was a liar and I cannot accept his teachings that he can forgive my sins.
b) Jesus was a lunatic, because his claims were proven false and his followers are wicked people.
c) Jesus' claim to be Lord - God are true because he rose from the dead and is alive in heaven today seeking people to follow him and to demonstrate love toward each other as he loves us. 

Would you like to learn more about, Who Is Jesus - Really?
a) No
b) Yes - To learn more about Who Is Jesus - Really go to this website.
Hand each volunteer participant a Coffee Shop Voucher and a Jesus Loves You card saying:

To discuss these questions further you are most welcome to attend the Forest Lake Baptist Church each Sunday at 9.30am or contact one our Pastors on..... or visit our website 

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