Jesus Loves You

Jesus Loves You
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Time to push back lawfully and peacefully. But very loudly. Agree?

Yesterday Muslim violence killing police. Today Muslim killing hostages in a city cafe. Tomorrow ?.. A Muslim violence killing a church congregation or school children?

Recent tragic events have caused Australians to question what we have been told about the Islamisation by stealth of our country. We have always welcomed immigrants into Australia who assimilate and accept our values and way of life. Why is it those who follow Islam state it is a 'religion of peace' when the evidence world wide shows that it is not? Why do our leaders and media deny the obvious truth with lies by saying, 'Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam?' HUH!!!

Have you ever wondered why the very persecution Muslims claim to receive from Jews, Christians and secular people is virtually non-existent in Australia. Yet the persecution and killing of Christians and even Muslims by Islamists has so many proofs in the world yet is so seldom reported. For 1000-1400 years in the middle ages Muslim conquest saw 634 Crusades by Muslims and 13 by Christians once they decided to push back. Why is it these facts are turned on their head when reported in the media? What's the agenda here?

Unfortunately, the path of Muslim violence has started in Australia. How long before the people push back and politicians and authorities take notice of the groundswell of peaceful public stands against this evil invading our land? Will our politicians simple bow down and succumb to the 'racist' rant of the left Labour/Green and Islamic religious and political ideology that seeks to destroy our peace and freedoms? Will we the people let them? Yesterday killing of Police, today killing hostages in a cafe, tomorrow ?.... Killing of a church congregation or school children? When are we going to push back using lawful and peaceful means before our children's children are overwhelmed? Please tell me. 

          A Poem of the Muslim Seeking Violence

The Muslim came to church
To check whom Christians praised.
Did they hold God in awe,
And respect his holy word.

He became so angry when he saw
The women and children there
Worshiping with the men.
That's not allowed by the holy Koran he said

He placed his index fingers in his ears
To stop the hideous blasphemy that
Jesus Christ is King not the prophet
Muhammad ‘bless his name'.

At the mention of Jesus the Son of God
Dying for the sins of man
Forgiveness to proclaim
Rising to live on the third day
Willing to give new eternal life
To all who claim his name.

          The Muslim no longer could control his rage
          So in the name of Allah out his AK47 came.
          He had to kill every infidel who dared to praise
         God Almighty by singing his wonderful name.

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