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Jesus Loves You
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Brisbane Anti-Carbon Tax Rally 23 March 2011

Brad Clarke protesting at the
Brisbane Anti-Carbon Tax Rally
King George Square 23 March 2011

Approximately 300 protesters met in King George Square to voice their opposition to a Carbon Dioxide Tax that will significantly impact a dramatic rise in cost of living pressures for the average family.
The Prime Minister Julia Gillard states the purpose of government Carbon Tax policy is to place a price on big polluters, meaning on cheap sources of coal fired electricity generators, who we are told are responsible for Carbon (Dioxide) Emissions that a few discredited 'hide the decline' scientists from IPCC, and CSIRO claim causes Catastrophic Man Made Global Warming. The 'unintended consequences' of such policies are immense and will indeed reshape every day existence for Australians.

The Prime Minister has purposefully ignored her Year 6 science education that teachers CO2 is an essential trace gas that makes up 0.38% of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Of course Carbon Dioxide is necessary for photosinthethis to occur which sustains life for all living creatures on the planet. The more of it the more plants and forests grow and the more food is produced. Yes, we need to STOP Gillard's Tax on the Air We Breathe.

So why do Gillard and Browns' Labor/Greens coalition tax plans that were so overwhelmingly rejected by 80% of the voters at the last election based on a solemn promise by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who stated categorically that, "There will be NO Carbon Tax under A Government I Lead", cause her to renege on her promise? Is it no wonder our Prime Minister has lost voters respect and earned the tag of the most untrustworthy and incompetent Prime Minister Australia has ever had?

Yes, it begs the question, why do you think the Gillard government policy is to burn Billions of dollars on Green Energy in the process of destroying more than 3 jobs for every 1 job claimed to be created, and destroy our standard of living, ruin society's social fabric and cripple our national economy in the name of killing an essential atmospheric trace gas called Carbon Dioxide CO2. Don't mention the fact there is NO EVIDENCE at all to support the claims of the new CAGW religion that Carbon Dioxide is adding any substantial warming of our planet? Piffff!

What the Prime Minister will not tell the Australian public however is for all these Billions of dollars it will cost every Australian tax payer that even if we were to shut down every coal fired power station, subsidise Green Energy projects that are useless base load electricity generators and use only effect is to literally burn Billions on projects such as Wind Farm, and Solar panels which fail the moment subsidies are turned off, if we turned off every fridge, turned off all air-conditioners, stopped driving our cars, never burn fossil fuels again, have every body walk out of Australia after switching off every light, the net effect on local climate let alone global temperature would be so low as to produce an unmeasurable 0.00001% change if any at all.

What are they doing? Why do 50% of Australians claim to still support this Catastrophic Man Made Global Warming, 'Climate Change' nonsense? Why are people ridiculed and denigrated as deniers and climate skeptics by Labor/Green Coalition Party MP's as if they are nut-bags and extremists just because they hold different views? The uproar over one sign at Canberra's peaceful protest rally describing Julia in colourful terms shows just how desperately politically correct and fearful the Labor/Green Coalition now are. As they should be because the dinky dye Aussie has only just begun this quest to over throw this incompetent and disaster of a minority government supported by three, haven't got a clue, self -centred 'conservative' Independents.

As the signs Brad made and holds up in his peaceful protest in King George Square rightfully says:


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