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Jesus Loves You
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flannery Admits No Gain from this Carbon Tax Pain

I am so relieved and sure the left is too including you BT, And Janey has moved, AS etc, when confronted with the facts.

I am no scientist or mathematician I'll admit. But if my grade one maths is still reliable I did the following sums based on the conclusions I have drawn from the answers of Tim Flannery and John Daley as given to Bolta.

I put the following sum into my Google search and found these answers. The answers are very interesting. Yes try it yourself. type into Google Search Bar, 194*0=

This is the mathematical sum of the total effect of 0 difference of reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions x194 countries of the world (include one more country if you include Taiwan, making 195) still equals, wait for it: Zero.

Let's try multiplying the costs of the $300 Billion of [b]our[/b] money by 0 difference by 1, our nation Australia = push enter.
Opps, is that right? Still Zero?

Let's include the Billions and Trillions of the world's money, oh let's say $10 Trillion that MAY BE THROWN IN FUTILITY into further 'Green Energy Waste' on this absurd belief that Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant when it is obviously not, and then multiply by the difference it will make which is 0 by the number of countries 194. 10 000 000 000 000*0*194. Surprise Surprise. What do we find? ZERO. ZILTCH. NOTHING.

Listen people. This is answer of the combined effect of each nation killing it's economy at the expensive loss of income and jobs, increasing inefficiency, and decreasing food and manufacturing productivity with 'unintended' consequences of 95% increase in poverty by reducing said carbon dioxide emissions in the name of reducing Catastrophic Man Made Global warming.

The Carbon Tax on Carbon Dioxide is obviously not about saving the world. It's difficult to see it has anything to do about the science, that's just the red herring in all this debate.

Now I'm no conspiracy theorist but after the reaction of the Main Stream Media, Left politicians, and government advisors this week to the persecution of the everyday Australian raising their voice in opposition to this money grab, one has to consider this whole shebang must be about something MUCH MORE DANGEROUS.

Perhaps reducing national sovereignty and population growth is the real UN Agenda 21? Why so you may ask? Well to enable world governance by stealth of course, and to have each one of us pay for it as well. Just saying?

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