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Jesus Loves You
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

CO2 Tax Australia - Labor Government Not Serious

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We are told that by placing a cost on those CO2 emissions, a number of things will happen, foremost among them the lowering of those CO2 emissions from this CO2 emitting power generating sector. As I have shown, this is something that will not really be happening. It is also intended to facilitate a move away from coal fired power towards more renewables. Again, this may happen, mainly because of the price signal now that coal fired power will be more expensive, but again, that coal fired power has had its price artificially spiked up, while the renewable power sector has had its price artificially spiked down, and even then, coal fired power is still infinitely cheaper.

So, by placing that price on those emissions, this Government has shown it is not averse to using cynical means to raise money by saying it will only affect those big emitters, when it affects all of us as electricity consumers.

One important thing also not being told to you is that all of these large scale coal fired power plants have contracts to supply electrical power to the grids, and that most of those contracts are still valid until the mid 2020′s, and for even longer in some cases. So, there is no intent on the Government’s part to close those plants down, as they all have cast iron legal contracts to supply that power.

Those coal fired plants will still do what they always have done, produce huge amounts of electrical power, and do that cheaply. They will burn almost the same amount of coal. They will emit almost the same amount of CO2.

The only difference now is that the Government will be making huge amounts of money from it, money being paid not by the plant itself, but by every consumer of electrical power.

As I have said all along, this has nothing whatsoever to do with the environment.

It’s just about the money.

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