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Jesus Loves You
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ms Gillard's Lie that Carbon Dioxide CO2 is a Poluntant?

Since setting up Stop Gillard's Carbon Tax, I have received one request from you more than any other - to create a resource fact-sheet providing all the information you need to know about the Gillard-Brown tax on Carbon Dioxide.

Well, it's taken us some time, but I am very happy to announce that, due to the hard work and dedication of Andy Semple, our Menzies House Assistant Managing Editor, we have done just that!

Andy has created a 10 page booklet for us that addresses the science, the economic impact, the politics.. .everything you need to know about this tax, and why it will do nothing to help the environment - while destroying our economy in the process. It is full of easy-to-understand scientific data, and links to academic papers, YouTube clips by experts, news articles - it has it all!

This is a great resource, and one you should not only read in full, but forward to all your friends.

Here's what Andy has to say about it:
"Dear readers,

After being told blatant lies by this government for why they are putting a price on carbon and calling it carbon pollution I felt it was time to get some real facts on the table.

We’re being sold a pup by this government who have politicised the “science of man-made climate change” in order to bring in a new era of radical social change. So I decided to write "Carbon Dioxide and the politics of the Carbon Tax."

It’s crammed full of links to other informative articles and videos, as it addresses the propaganda and misinformation being spread by the Government, the Greens, and the Independents.

Never before has it been so important to be accurately informed about Carbon Dioxide, and why the politics of the Carbon Tax are designed to make it harder for you and your family to make ends meet, effectively making a majority of the population dependent on Government handouts.

Please download a copy and read the material enclosed. Change is worth doing if the change means people everywhere will come out ahead with a better of standard of living. This isn’t the case with this new tax. It is regressive and what’s worse, it won’t make any difference to the Earth’s temperature. You and your family are going to be put through hell for zero environmental gain. This tax policy makes us all weaker, not stronger and it is important you are informed about the true state of play.

Please forward to all your friends, family members and work colleagues. Spread the word and educate yourself about the true nature of life giving Carbon Dioxide and how this broken promise of a tax will only hurt you and do nothing for the environment which we all love and cherish.

You can download a copy from here.

We hope you find this useful, and, we welcome your thoughts! If you have any comments, criticisms, suggestions - or just encouragements - please do not hesitate to email Andy at - we appreciate your thoughts and will try to incorporate them into any updated version!

So please, download a copy, and send this to all your family and friends! Remember - we already have facts and truth on our side, but the better armed we are with this knowledge, the better we can fight the left's lies, and ensure that truth shall prevail!

Thank you, as always, for your support.

Timothy Andrews
Managing Editor
Menzies House

PS: We're planning to print copies of this to distribute, so, if you havn't already made a donation, now might be a good time to do so! :)

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