Jesus Loves You

Jesus Loves You
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Friday, August 19, 2011

President Vaclav Klaus - The Mass Delusion of Climate Change

This question has been put to me, 'Brad, why are you so obsessed with fighting the Governments Carbo2n Tax?' 

My answer is based on Bible Prophesy and world events.
Let me answer that question with another question.

Would you stand back and just let a false doctrine based on a misrepresentation of 'consensus' science called Dangerous Man-Made Global Warming* that is designed to take away your freedom? Or would you rather choose to fight this mass delusional doctrine that is designed to strip take away the very foundations of the Biblical World view upon which our economic and social freedoms exist? What is your answer my friend?

The answer to that question for me is based of my knowledge and belief in a Holy Creator God who has warned in the Holy Bible that in the end times there will be a great delusion brought upon the people based on confusion causing many to believe a lie. This is happening and is but just the beginning. 

More dangerous things are afoot economically and socially in this country of Australia as is already happening in the world. I choose to take up the fight now, and not sit back and let evil triumph over good. Do not fear man but oppose wickedness by courage and in the power of God who raised His Son Jesus Christ from the dead. 

Why is so much of the world's resources funding such a lie as climate change* when millions of people suffer oppression, hunger and death daily because of willful inaction and incompetence by governments who choose to rather ignore and neglect them for the sake of maintaining their own power and prominence. 

Why do citizens and particularly Christians think that is okay?

I choose to fight these lies that come from the father of lies so as to awaken souls to the real judgement to come upon any who do not acknowledge their sin, nor repent from wickedness, and who choose to die in their sin. I am about shining the light of Jesus Christ into the dominion of darkness so that instead of bondage, people will be truly set free in the knowledge of the glory of the face of Jesus Christ. 

Yes, my message is the Good News, Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.  The real danger is that people believe lies and fear man and choose to ignore the 'sign of the times', and will die in their sin. 

The real question is, 'Will you choose to do something about it before it is too late?' 

Listen to this extraordinary video from the Institute of Public Affairs by President Vaclav Klaus - The Mass Delusion of Climate Change for a better insight into why we should fight to preserve our freedoms.

President Vaclav Klaus - The Mass Delusion of Climate Change from Institute of Public Affairs on Vimeo.

* (Global Warming changed to Climate Change because the evidence is that cooling is the real danger now)

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